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Angel Lynn (My alter-ego)
Chained Melodies: Seduce and Conquer
(Formerly An Unfamiliar Scene)

A Contemporary Light BDSM erotic romance

They met on eBay. He was buying. She was selling.

Gabby is thrilled when she receives her asking price for on of her signature portraits, an angel in
chains...but what begins as a few casual emails quickly becomes erotic, the flames of carnal desire
scorching red hot. The last thing Gabby expects is to become part of the package.

Erik Coledane...an American soldier stationed in Iraq wants more than anything to unlock the
woman inside. Gabby blazes a fire inside of him greater than the explosion of any missiles, any round
of bullets he has to dodge in the god-forsaken sandbox he's sitting in. From the pits of hell he'd found
his angel...and he's coming home to claim her.
In the mood for a sensually lighter romance but still want some of the spice and sexual tension?
Then visit my alter-ego, award winning author
Angel Lynn.
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Best Debut Author!
Best Fantasy Erotic
Arianna Overton
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No Holes Barred Series
The Trigon Rituals Series
Exclusive, dark, and shrouded in mystery--No Holes Barred is a club like no other in
the galaxy. There, only those fortunate enough to gain membership experience sexual
encounters the like of which they have never dreamed possible...
WARNING: All titles have erotic sexual content. If you are over 18 and would like to read an excerpt, links can be found in The Parlor
The Awakening

Cursed by a sorcerer's spell, Britenia feels nothing but emotionless lust and emotionless pain--a
mere reaction by her body that fails to reach her mind. Jicar is known for his highly erotic and
seductive skills, and he wants her...mind, body & soul...in every way except as a a mate. One more
night, a second "date" is all he would need to awaken her emotionally...or is it?
Forbidden Desire

Xander is in dire straits. He's in love with his King's wife. But the woman who stepped through the
gateway in his chamber claims to be someone else. Does he believe her? If it wasn't for that
maddening frangrance she wore that kept him in a constant state of lust, Xander might have been
able to turn away...maybe.

Rhea has another agenda. She's made a bargain to the seduce the hansome royal and then make a
quick get-away. Falling in love was the last thing she expected. How will she endure her heart's
shattering when he discovers she's a criminal and has been sent to betray him?
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"Liquid heat will most certainly be coursing through your veins as you watch Gabby and Erik burn up the pages." Coffee Time Reviews
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