Angel Lynn
Who Am I?

Angel Lynn lives in upstate New York with her two
wonderful children and two mischievous cats who she thinks are the spawn
of satan. When she's not running to and fro, keeping up with her family's busy schedule,
she works with disabled children. Angel claims the late evenings and early morning hours
as her own however, when she spends time reading and
attending to her first passion, writing

Angel has always daydreamed about adventure...being stranded on a deserted
island...traveling through time or space...about heroes and heroines finding love.

Science fiction is her favorite genre and of course,
there has to be romance.
Angel states:

"With Sci-fi or futuristic as it is sometimes called in the romance world, if you have a
vivid imagination and can make it believable when you put it to words, anything goes. You
can let it fly!"

Angel Lynn dreams in color, and she admits to smelling and tasting her
her dreams too, often waking from those sleep-induced sensations
in them middle of the night and scrambling for her pad and pencil
to jot down her thoughts before they disintegrate into the never worlds.
It's not unusual to find her staring up at the stars constantly either,
wondering if anyone else is out there and what their worlds might be like
"I never wanted to be an astronaught, though. At least not yet. Who wants to
go to the moon? There's nothing up there. Call me when you're
off to the distant galaxies and I will so be there!"