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Best Futuristic
Niniri Says: Take a long running rivalry, add an arranged
marriage, and a writer with a sense of humor and you've
got the makings of one hot read that'll keep the reader
chuckling (and cheering) for Sigurd and Hilde as they learn
that there's more passion and less dislike than either of
them realized. They're well matched, and truly worthy
people who at first try to deny and dodge the very thing
that eventually binds them together. I found Ms. Lynn's
touch quite humorous, yet very touching, as she lays out a
a story that I'm going to enjoy reading again and again.
...a sexy, fun and sweet historical romance with two excellent lead characters
and a well-written storyline
-Kim Coffee Time romance

...Angel Lynn has penned the perfect fead...a laugh-out-loud-tale that will
have readers smiling...the story is delightful from beginning to end
-Amelia eCataromance Reviews

...written in the tradition of historical romances but filled with humor and does grab the reader's attention from the get go
Enchanted in Romance
...a wickedly funny tale. I can't remember when I've laughed so hard! -Renee Sizzling Romance

...if you enjoy comical and entertaining historical romances this is one you must not miss!
-Naomi Fallen Angels Reviews
...With stories that blend humorous dialogue with emotionally charged scenes,
Angel Lynn's tales always enrapture readers
-Amelia R: eCataRomance Reviews

...Angel Lynn is definitely and author to watch. Her out-of-the-blue plot twists
are sure to keep readers coming back for more
-Naomi: Fallen Angels Reviews

...engaging & humorous describe her writing...characters come alive
-DS Shadows: Romance Reviews Today
...a modern day version of Camelot...This is a fantastic book...a lot of
humor, as well as action, with a healthy does of suspense and lots of
passion...a book that will cover all the reader's emotions
-Diane T.
The Romance Studio

...a world of realistic characters and complex social situations that
Lynn has created is full of life and details. Her world-building skills
pay off with a story that is fast-paced and hard to put down.
-Karen Sweeny-justice Romantic Times Magazine
            ...WOW! Angel Lynn has definitely dazzled this reviewer with
her description of a fantastic medieval-like world...Ms Lynn captures
you from the first sentence and doesn't release you until the last...
-Chloe The Raven Reviews
...vividly described futuristic novel...a nice blend of romance and adventure
-Kathy Samuels Romance Review Today
This book was amazing. I laughed so hard through a lot of it, then other
times I wanted to weep. Angel Lynn penned a brilliant romance filled
with passion, betrayal and undying love.  
Shelina Emery, Myshelf

This is one fascinating love story. Kudos to Angel Lynn for one excellent
plot and a fantastic read.
Tangela Williams reviewer