Excerpt from

No Holes Barred: The Awakening
Rating: Carnal
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Length: Novella
Jicar stormed away from the table and headed outside, stalking directly toward Britenia who stood on the
garden path just outside of the club's window. His hand circled her wrist and he dragged her from the path,
through a bed of flowers, through a bevy of bushes and to the seclusion of the forest that surrounded the

He stopped and swung around to face her. "What in starblazing hellfires do you think you're doing?"

Britenia's brows lifted in question. "Walking back to my cabana."

"You know that's not what I mean." Jicar waved a hand in front of her body. "I'm talking about this."

Britenia looked down to see if something was strange. She was naked and couldn't imagine what was
wrong, unless something odd was attached to her somewhere and she couldn't feel its presence.
Shrugging, she tipped her head back up to meet Jicar's face. "What?"

"You're naked!"



"I was cooling off in the large pool."

"You're not cooling off now."

"No, I'm drying off."

"But why are you doing it naked?"

"I forgot my towel. It would be uncomfortable to don my clothes while I'm wet, so I didn't bother."

"So you thought it proper to walk back to your room naked?"


"Have you no shame?"

Britenia tilted her eyes upward and askew as if to ponder that emotion. "I don't think so."

"You should." Jicar snatched the pullover top that she held in one of her hands, righted it and began
tugging it over her head.

"Why?" Britenia pushed her arms into the short sleeves and then followed Jicar's movements as he knelt
and tugged the hem as far down as it would go.

"Because..." Annoyed that it only reached the middle of her thighs, Jicar pressed his lips together.
Standing, he glared at Britenia. "Because all the men are looking at your naked body."

"And some women too," Britenia added.

"Don't you give a care?"


Jicar slapped a hand to his forehead, pressing hard. He shook his head back and forth as he squeezed his
eyes shut.

Of course she didn't care, but he surely did! It disturbed him that other males were looking upon her with
lust on on their minds.

And then he heard laughing.

Lifting his head he saw the mirth in Britenia's expression as she closed her lips, her eyes continuing to
twinkle with the humor she found at his expense.

Jicar frowned at her.

Britenia's expression sobered. "I am sorry, Jicar. I should not be finding my amusement at
your...your...what is this emotion you suffer...jealousy?"

Jicar wasn't about to admit to that. "It's called frustration, Brit."

Searching her memory for a definition, Britenia drew her brows together. Frustration was a disturbing,
anxious emotion. "But why do you feel this sensation?"

How much would he admit? Stepping closer to her, Jicar grasped her by the shoulders. "It's you. I'm
frustrated by you."

Sweeping his arms around her, Jicar dipped his head. Their lips met, his mouth taking hers in a searing
kiss. He pressed his body along the length of her, holding her tightly, yearning, craving to be inside of her.

His cock began to riot in his trousers.

Britenia's essence filled the air, wrapped around him, took up residence inside of his head. His chest
hammered with an unfamiliar beat, and distraught by the overwhelming feeling, Jicar ripped his mouth
away from her.

His mouth fell agape, but no words emerged. All he could think about was how magnificent this woman
was, and how beautiful she appeared to his eyes.

With one finger, Britenia pushed his jaw shut. "Does this mean you request a second date?"

"No," Jicar stated firmly and released her, letting his arms drop to his sides.

"Very well." Turning, Britenia began walking away. "I will see this eve then, Jicar."

"I said,
no!" Jicar yelled to her back.

"I heard you loud and clear Jicar Adi LarRhe."

A smile tickled Britenia's mouth as she walked away, and she lifted her fingers to touch it.


And unlike some emotions, this one showed on her face. Ah yes, it was definitely pleasure.

And something else she was unable to identify.
No Holes Barred: The Awakening

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