The Trigon Rituals II: Deep Pressure
Angelia Whiting 2006
"Attention ladies and gentlemen." There was a chime and the fasten seat belt light came on just as the stewardess
spoke. "The captain has informed me we're beginning our descent. Please place your seats in the upright position
and check that your seatbelts are fastened."

Karen fumbled for the ends of her belt, and then clicked them together. She tugged a few times to make sure the
belt was secure. Outside of the airplaneÂ’s window the clouds came up beneath them. Wispy tree tips brushed by,
and suddenly the plane became fully consumed in the whiteness of clouds, obscuring KarenÂ’s vision.
Where the hell are we landing? She really didnÂ’t want to know and was glad she couldnÂ’t see.

To the sound of landing gear locking in place, Karen closed her eyes. She had no desire to watch when they burst
through the bottom of the clouds and dropped through the skies. She instead let her thoughts drift to images of
her erotic, reoccurring dreams.

It began several months back, with the sound of voices, beckoning her, though she really couldn't understand
what they were saying. But the lilt was so alluring, sensual and exciting, that Karen couldn't help but call to the
voices speaking from somewhere in the darkness. This happened a few more times until finally, a shadowy image
emerged. The essence embraced Karen and draped her body, the touch of it so firm and comforting that she
relaxed immediately, enjoying the arousing sensation and thorough exploration of what felt like lips kissing her
mouth, hands kneading her breasts and a palm rubbing her between the thighs.

But he withdrew from her before she peaked.

Karen marveled at the wet dream, admitting that she'd never had one so intense and so vividly realistic before.

He came back to her.

Though the image was still a blur, this second time Karen could actually feel the strong, masculine form. Instead of
shrinking away as she normally would have with physical contact, Karen responded with pleasure to the hard body
firmly wrapping and tangling with hers.

Withdrawing and vanishing again, the dream disintegrated before Karen could experience her climax. It was
exasperating, but also enticing, and Karen worried that she was becoming too preoccupied with a mere dream. Still
she had to sleep, and she couldn't help what happened in her dreams.


Was it so wrong that she enjoyed it?

Hell no!

It's not like she was getting sexual stimulation anywhere else. So what was the big deal? If only he would just let
her cum.

He never let her cum, but only took her to the brink of orgasm and then left her, fully clothed, frustrated and
craving more. Despite that, Karen always looked forward to his return. He did always return, bringing her to heights
of arousal, each time seeming more powerful and passionate than the last. As usual he retreated before her
passion could be fully realized and without her knowing what he looked like. But this last dream, the one Karen
experienced on the plane was different. Instead of the ghostly images of an ethereal lover, she saw more vividly,
solid and realistically than ever before. Hard and muscled, hands gripped her all over. Full lips that held no
boundaries, kissed her in more than a single place at one time. And there was no mistaking the hard erection
thrusting at her in front, but also from behind, pressing her firmly in between.

And god, those eyes!

They were a sparkling blue like topaz, and then no, they changed toa deeper blue, like sapphires. But it was the
gold that rimmed the irises that caught her attention the most. Stunningly captivating, they captured her gaze and
seared her pounding heart with the promise of ecstasy. And there was no mistaking the lust that sizzled within
those ethereal eyes, wanting, desiring her, adoring and admiring her in a way that no one ever had before. The
images, the sensual whispers were acutely clear, so much so that Karen was able to detail everything. And she
didn't know whether to be frightened or aroused by it.

Or to be disturbed.

Separate voices...

Karen swallowed hard and opened her eyes just as they broke through the clouds. Green flora covered the
landscape as far as her eye could see.

The sexual arousal, the forceful pressure...

She caught a glimpse of a muddy-brown truss, the winding Amazon river, darting in and out of the jungleÂ’s trees.

Four hands...

Karen gripped the arms of the seat as the plane aligned with the runway below. Her stomach flipped and she
squeezed her eyes shut.

Oh my god!

The aircraft jolted as it touched down, rattling and rushing forward. It screeched to a stop. And so did Karen's
erratically beating heart. The man in her dreams, masculine and demanding, the man that insinuated himself on
Karen's body bringing her to the pinnacle of frenzied lust wasn't one man at all.

He was two.