Trigon Rituals III: Dominance Fury

Excerpt 1:

Reality check…
Sydney sat in her pilot's seat, mouth agape and eyes fixed open. She exhaled a quick, sharp breath of air before
finally blinking.
"There has to be another explanation…" she whispered. Oh snap, oh snap! "This is absolutely, without a doubt,
incomprehensibly nuts!"
Pausing Sydney stared out the forward window of her star jet. "No way, this isn't happening." She did a quick
inspection of her communications equipment and then attempted to radio the space station. "Command Control,
this is star jet two-four-one, copy?"
Silence answered, and she wasn't surprised.
"No one is going to believe this." Well, half of them would believe it. A choked cry hiccupped from Sydney's
throat, part fear, part reluctant realization that she wasn't in Kansas anymore.  She'd gone through that faux pas
wormhole the engineering crew argued about.
Except it wasn't a faux pas.
When her star jet shot through the tunnel of spiraling colors and was coughed out on the other side, the
disorientation had cleared quickly, and Sydney saw more than stars. In front of her was the most ginormous
space station she'd ever seen. At first she couldn't believe her eyes, but there it was, skyscraper tall, and wider
than the Great Divide, and it wasn't as if she'd zoomed by it with only a flash of time to process what she'd seen.
Her jet had slowed to a turtle's speed, and she was just sort of hovering and staring at the structure, staring at the
thousands and thousands of windows glowing with the lights from inside. There the structure hung suspended in
space, its needled top and bottom attaching to absolutely nothing and turning round and round, slowly, slowly
rotating clockwise like a rogue top in space. The traffic was incredible! Space craft of every shape and size moved
to and from what she assumed were docking portholes. It made Europe's hectic MAGLEV Terminals look like a
turtle parade.
Rar tsif yaucre sideen
"Wha…" Strange, alien sounds came through her intercom, and Sydney wrinkled her brow. Should I reply?
Deciding it was the logical thing to do, she pressed the radio button on the side of her helmet to attempt contact.
"This is Lieutenant Sydney Laurens, star jet two-four-one, of the planet earth…" god that sounded so sci-fi. She
felt almost silly saying it. "I mean you no harm…" Sure, like she could even put a dent in that monstrous space
station with her puny craft. "I come in peace…"
Rar tsif yaucre sideen!
The voice was more emphatic this time, more stern. She could hear other voices in the background, messages
being relayed, and strange beeping sounds.
Rar tsif yaucre sideen. Sith sroug lanyi fwinan!
There was silence as they were seemingly awaiting her next response, but Sydney didn't know how to respond.
English didn't appear to be their first or second language…or third. Instincts told her that backing away might
be a better choice than flying closer, especially when she started hearing what sounded like alarms coming
through her head piece and the communications between the alien voices occurring more rapidly, frantically
even. Within moments she saw what looked like fighter jets launching from the space station and zooming
towards her. She reacted like any good starfighter should.
Sydney's fangs came out.
"Come on bastards, you wanna fight!" Her vision sharpened, and she felt the surge of adrenaline rush through
her blood. Every muscle in her body tensed as she prepared to do battle. Quickly she checked her artillery and
then realized... "Oh shit."
The fleet had been on practice maneuvers and her ammunition wasn't live. Why would they be? It wasn't like
they expected Martians to come out of nowhere. Her eyes flicked to her radar screen, and she could see they were
closing fast. Martians were coming out of nowhere. And it would be quite nuts to engage in a dog fight with…"
One, two, three, four…" Oh fucking snap…six bandits on her tail. Sydney revved her star jet. "I really don't
think I care about who your leader might be right now!"
For all she knew, she could be lunch. Yikes!
With her balls to the walls--if she had any--she skedaddled, but the precision maneuverability and swiftness of
their crafts was astounding. It made Sydney feel as if she was steering a horse cart.
With no horse attached.
It didn't matter that she was moving. Attempting to dodge the laser blasts the alien crafts fired at her was a futile
hope as the speed of her star jet was no match for theirs. She was like a sitting duck…and the quacking sound
was ugly…
"Oh god, I'm dead." The alarms that blasted from her console rang in a disturbing mismatched harmony that
made her want to cringe. They'd zapped her butt.
The humongous, pink planet with its amber and rich wine-colored land masses came up on her quickly. Her jet
was going down, and its keister was completely in flames.

Excerpt 2:

Sydney drifted seeking comfort in the arms of old friends. They were with her and she needed them, something
familiar to cling to right now.
Oingin abadonn--We will never let you leave us again…
Time floated. Sydney felt her body being lifted, moved. As much as she wanted to know what was happening,
equally she just wanted to shut down--to sleep. She chose to give in to sleep and the surreal existence that
claimed her.
Time…space…voices…time…Sydney shifted to shake her confusion.
Oh mother!
Her muscles, her body…the groan she expelled echoed in her skull, and she grimaced at the cruelly painful ear
throbs that followed. Again, she tried to move. Her bones felt like steel rods imbedded in cement. Every inch of
her felt rock heavy and sore. It was as if she’d been hit by a train. Aw snap, train wreck, plane wreck, at this
point, what was the difference? Sydney had taken a particularly long dive from the sky.
The pink sky.
"Oh no, no, no," Sydney murmured as she closed her eyes. Go away. Contrary to her earlier opinion, they were
the last thing she needed to interfere with her coherency right now. Of course they didn't listen. They never had
before, so why start now? A strange sensation brushed the length of her body. Her skin tingled, the warmth she
felt spreading, heating her within. It wasn’t a woozy feeling, and Sydney didn’t feel as if she was fainting.
In fact it was almost as if she was sinking into an alternate state of perception, her mind being swept to a
different time, or a different place, just as it had been years ago, whenever they came to her. Shadows emerged
from darkness, two figures familiar to her memories, yet somehow not the same. They were different, larger, yes
they were larger, grown, the energy that sizzled between them more powerful than ever, more intense than she
could remember. It consumed her in a way that naivety could not know, appealing to her, not to her child's heart
but to that of a woman.
Our mate…fosu'obua eonja--you are stunning to our eyes.
Sydney sucked in a breath. They were all over her, around her, seeping through her. She could feel the warmth
of their presence, sense their emotions--distress, mixed with joy, voices unspoken yet audible in her mind, deep,
gentle, soothing her.
Ut reah tseba--you are alive.
Don't answer them. Don't answer. DO NOT answer. Maybe they'll go away…Oh snap…Yes, I survived the crash.
Or had she? Was she dead and these were her angels coming to retrieve her, to take her to heaven? Two hands
grazed Sydney’s belly, two more on her legs, teasing her inner thighs, causing her to gasp, the frisson of heat
on the flesh where they touched so real, so arousing, it dulled and then eclipsed the pain in her ears and the
soreness in her body. A wave of delectable sexual desire began to simmer inside of her, an ache of need that
intensified with each of their caresses. Oh no, no these were definitely not angels from heaven. They couldn’t
be because with all the lusty thoughts they were causing to run amok through her brain Sydney most definitely
was not going to heaven.
She was going straight to hell!

Excerpt 3:
Something tugged at her. She fought, but its pull to take her deeper was stronger than her capacity to stay awake.
It drew her inward, stealing her from consciousness delivering her to cataleptic surroundings--a quieter place,
and yet she still had a vague awareness of what was going on around her. Her pace slowed, her mind beginning to
bend, and despite trying to move her feet became firmly planted.
Hello sweet Tina
Huh…wha…who is that?
It is I, Calem.
Fine time for you to show up. Sydney didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out who was speaking.
Any time would be a fine time with you, woman.
At the moment it would only be a fine time if you can get me out of this shit-out-of-luck predicament! She barked
back silently.
He was in her head--no they were in her head. She could feel the presence of them both. Though she tried to fight
it, Sydney knew it was hopeless, knew what was coming next. As expected, always as before, wooziness took hold
of her, and she had only a split of a second to gather the sense that the ground beneath her was coming up.
No, she was going down… Aw snap.
Someone grabbed her from behind--someone large! A sinewy arm slipped around her waist, and Sydney felt her
one-hundred and forty-five pound, five-foot, six inch frame being lifted as effortlessly as a tissue. The next thing
Sydney knew she was being tossed over a naked shoulder, her upper body and head hanging upside down.
"Hey! Let me… Ouch, goddamn it!" As much as she wanted to see who had her, she couldn't open her eyes. Her
body was too sluggish, her mind too much in a tailspin for her to care about anything at the moment. Briefly she
let go, her body further going limp, her head throbbing and bobbing as she was being carried away, her arms like
soggy noodles, dangling towards the ground.
It pissed her off.
Adrenaline crashed through her blood, infusing her with a blast of strength and energy, pushing away the pain
and fatigue. "Put me down you mother fuck…ouch!"
Did he really just smack her bottom? It stung too! Heat suffused the flesh of her right buttocks and Sydney was
about to release another string of curses when her attention suddenly went elsewhere. She became fixated on the
bare feet that were following behind them. Her gaze shifted upward to two well-formed calves and very masculine
thighs. The sheen on his honey-gold skin emphasized the subtle flexing of his toned muscles as he continued his
stride. Sydney struggled to look higher. She was rewarded with a very nice view of loin-covered hips, the cloth
riding high enough to almost see his…
"Oh my god!" She didn't need to almost see it, because it was right there…


Excerpt 4:

"NO!" Sydney yelled. She recoiled avoiding his attempt to touch her. Her body quaked with distress. For a
moment she was silent, but when she spoke again her voice was lowered, the tone of it icy cool with warning. "I
will banish you both again…forever."
All of the emotions she suffered from years ago, suppressed but unresolved came crashing in, along with the pain
and a torrent of confusion. Their seizure and then retreat from her mind, her impressionable, young mind had
been traumatizing, the withdrawal she'd suffered, from their absence in her life, from the drugs she so
desperately needed to wipe her mind clean--oh god, she'd thought she'd made peace with all of that. Every muscle
in Sydney's body went rigid--denial or resignation? She wasn't crazy. Had passing through the wormhole been
destiny fated?
"I knew it." she finally relented, her shoulders slumping. Her chest tightened, and she swallowed back unbidden
tears. "The whole time I just knew it!"
Calem frowned, concern etching his expression. They could tell she was close to tears. "Knew what, Sydney?"
"That you were real." Sydney glared at them as if daring them to deny it.
"I'm real," Arjim grinned. Imitating Sydney he pinched Calem's ear drawing a threatening glare from him.
"Are you sure of that, brethren?" Calem retorted by grasping Arjim's nipple between his thumb and index finger.
He twisted it hard. Both men tensed, feral growls emerging from their throats, and it was clear a fight between
them was imminent.
"Oh fuck this shit." Sydney murmured. Let 'em kill each other for all I care. "Thanks for the ride gentlemen."
She began to turn away but stopped. "But I have an alien leader to find so I can get back home."
Like hell she was going to find the alien leader. Unprepared to deal with all of it at the moment, she just wanted to
get away from them so she could muddle through this without distraction. No such luck. As soon as she turned
to run, a hand clasped her wrist, and Sydney knew he was digging in his heels because her feet continued to move
but her body was going nowhere. Annoyed, her lips pursed tightly, her gaze dropping to inspect where she was
being held before snapping upward to look at Calem's face. Arjim came up from behind him.
"You have yet to truly experience the ride, evala'luso," he said, and Calem showed his agreement with licking his
lips as his eyes meandered the length of her body.
The endearing words unexpectedly warmed her insides, softened her anger. Not to mention the way they were
looking at her heightened her arousal. She liked the idea of being mated to them, but Sydney wasn't going to let
either of them know that. Jerking her hand from Calem's grip, she was pleased that she'd escaped so easily.
Alright, maybe he allowed her to escape easily. Nonetheless she was free and ready to take advantage of it.
With that, Sydney turned and glanced over her shoulder. Both their grins widened, golden sparks in their eyes
igniting as their randy gazes remained fixed on her. It was if they were eagerly anticipating what she was about to
"You might think of me as your woman, and that surely might be true." Sydney's heart thudded, the excitement
building inside of her as subconscious memories of their boyhood desires surfaced, of how they fondled her body
later in their lives when they older. She dashed down the path yelling as she left them behind her. "But you'll
have to catch me first!"


Excerpt 5:

You love me?
We love you sweet Sydney, with all the life within us, with the spirit of our souls that transcends eternity.
Arjim's answer rendered Sydney speechless. Still she reached for them, pushing aside the years of denial that
they existed, years of sexual frustration over wanting only them and no one else, the anger--anger over their
uninvited intrusion into her mind. None of that seemed to matter at all anymore.
And what do you intend to do? Sydney asked, her heart beginning to race, her body aching with need. She knew
perfectly well what they intended to do, but wanted to answer them properly.
Mate with you, woman. We intend to mate with you.
She wanted them, yes, she had always wanted them. Her mind, her body, her heart had yearned for them from
the very first time they'd stepped into her life so, so many years ago--when she was just two--two years of age. She
was eating dessert in her highchair and fell asleep with her face in the bowl…
We were just tods ourselves, Tina, four phases old. Arjim told her, catching her thoughts.
I thought you were going to steal my chocolate pudding. Sydney chuckled at the memory. How could she still
recall something that was so far in the past?
The first time we touched your mind is as clear to me as if it happened on this dawning. Calem's mouth grazed
her cheek as he whispered.  Your pudding as you call it was the last thing our appetites were seeking.
Sydney tipped back her head. Her lips parted and she gasped out in breathless desperation to be made love to. He
kissed her neck. The soft yet passionate sensation caused shivers of delightful arousal to flicker along her flesh.
Pudding is more important to a child than the unknown hungers of lust.
Not lust She'ami. Arjim pressed his palm between her breasts, over the area of her heart. It is the passion for love
that all Tertani men seek.
True love knows no age or boundaries, sweet Sydney. Calem whispered in her ear as he nuzzled against her
temple. She could feel his warm breath on her flesh. Our devotion to you has been infinite and undying.
She understood. When they were children their love was naïve and undefined yet the yearning had been there
from the beginning. It had continued to be there as time went on, always, and nothing had fully erased it from
her mind, erased them from her mind.
Knowing you, loving you, Sydney began, her body trembling as they their hands began roaming her body,
caressing her skin, touching her lightly all over.
Sh-h-h, Calem soothed. Speak no more, Tina. This eve we make you ours, this eve we mate.