No Holes Barred: Forbidden Desire
"Are you out of your star blazing mind!" Xander shuffled backwards dodging the woman who
had just stepped through the gateway.

She reached with her hand, and Xander shrank away as though being touched by her would be
as blistering as acid. And yet, his cock was throbbing, his body was beginning to quake, and his
nostrils were flaring, all as a result of the tantalizing scent that was filling the room--the sweet,
sweet aroma of her bodily essence.

It was dizzying to Xander's senses, so much so that his eyes began to drift shut as he drew his
next breath, so much so that he was barely aware that she came closer and was leaning her
naked body against him. Xander's hands lifted when he felt the pressure, his palms settling on
her hips before skimming and cupping her bottom. Without comtemplation, his head lowered
and he took her mouth with his own, his lips possessing, caressing, his tongue dipping to taste
her, savoring that she was returning his kiss with equal passion.

But then, his reason smacked him in the head.


Battling the unbearable impetus to throw her on the bed and plunge deep inside of her, Xander
dug his fingers into her shoulders and shoved her away. "No!"

His need for her was abated only by his loyalty and honor.

The displeasure at his action and repudiation was clear as she regarded him with a stunned

"But you beckoned me to come forth!" She threw up her hands in an exxaggerated manner, her
demeanor quickly shifting to anger as her lips puckered and her expression drew tight.

"It was that damn computer!" Xander shot back. "There's been a mistake."

Undoubtedly her profile was left by error in the database. It most certainly should've been
erased. Then again, he still had to wonder what she was doing on the other side of the gateway
to begin with.

"I would like to believe that it was a matter of fate," she returned with a frown.

"By stepping through the gateway you were well aware that you were consensually offer
yourself for sex, weren't you!" Xander shot back, his tone more accusing than questioning.

"Of course, yes."

"With possibly a perfect stranger!"
How could do such a thing?

"With my perfect match, supposedly," she returned sardonically.

Why would she even accept the offer? Xander couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Something was most definitely wrong with her--with the way she was behaving. "Are you

She paused at his question, first looking up at the ceiling. Her expression tightened as if she was
in deep thought. Her brows drew together as her gaze shifted to the floor and then leveled to
meet Xander's eyes. "No. I'm horny."

Her expression relaxed and she smiled broadly, a brilliant and beautiful smile that had Xander
sucking in yet another breath in an attempt to clamp down the raging desire he was feeling for
her. She took a step toward him, her hips shifting, her body slinking like a she-cat in heat, bold
and aggressive.

Despite comprehending he'd be risking his self-control, Xander couldn't help but to allow his
eyes to caress her nude body once more.

He shivered, and his mouth watered at the thought of licking her...


Frustration and confusion set in. The last time he saw her unclad, she was walking through the
spa's garden. He eyed her with amusement back then, without even a speck of a consideration
to bed her.

Well, maybe just a speck of consideration.

"Do not come any closer!" Xander ordered.
Damn fucking hell, he wanted her to come closer,
touch, to suck him, to ride him hard.

Much to Xander's dismay, she didn't obey his verbal command. As she moved closer, her hand
skimmed across her mound, and then continued upward along the flesh of her belly until her
palm came to rest on one of her breasts. "I want you to taste me."

"I can't." Xander released an erratic breath, entranced by the movement of her hand.

Why in the massive universe was his lust for her so frenzied?

"And why not?" she asked.

Xander gritted his teeth, summoning his restraint. "You know very well why not!"

His body felt as though it were about to explode.

Aside from her sexual aggression, it occurred to him rather quickly that she was acting strangely
She must be ill--a virus perhaps, or a new sorcerer's hex?

Xander watched as she shook her head. Again her demeanor shifted, her body stiffening
angrily. "Well, if you're not going to sex me..." Turning away from him, she stomped to the bed
and pulled off the sheet. "I'll find someone who will."

He should do something, but what? Xander was in a state of stunned arousal and
bewilderment, so much so that he was unable to move. All he could do was watch as she
wrapped the golden, bed material around her body and then tie it in a knot above her breasts.
The soft, sheer cloth did little to hide what was beneath--almost emphasized her beautiful form
by the way it clung to her.

She stomped to the door.

"Wait!" Xander found his voice, pushing the words from his throat.

She turned around, and as she did, the bed sheet shifted, parting ever-so-slightly but still
enought to give Xander yet another look at her luscious mound.

Xander groaned.

And he was momentarily captivated by the sight, imagining himself parting the tender flesh
there and burying his face in her sex.

The sound of her fist pounding against the switch on the wall and the
swish of the door sliding
open caused Xander to snap his attention upward and to her face. He watched the angry
expression fade.

"You've changed your mind?" she asked, a hopeful look on her lovely face. "You'll have sex with

When he didn't answer she shrugged her shoulders and angled her head with a derisive tilt.

"I can't," Xander barely mustered, his voice a low, almost desperate whisper.

"You mean you won't."

"I mean I can't," he returned a bit louder, more forcefully.

Flattening her palm to her chest, she gasped. "Oh no, you're impotent."

Her eyes dropped to Xander's crotch, her expression etched with severe disappoinment.

Affronted, Xander bellowed. "I am no such thing!"

The hard-on he was batlling lent testimony to that.

"I see, then." She pivoted away from him, her silky, long hair fluttering behind her as she
disappeared from Xander's view and headed down the hall.

Xander stared at the empty space where she'd just stood. Her mind-numbing scent still linered
in the room, forcing his attention to remain on his unruly cock and how the color of her muff
matched her hair.

And her breasts...those lovely, lovely breasts.

No! Xander snatched at his common sense. It was perfume, tainted with a strong pheremone,
no doubt.

It had to be a fragrance she wore, for Xander knew he couldn't possibly be scenting his mate. He
knew this because the woman who stood naked before him, tempting him...the woman who
stomped from the room because he wouldn't, because he couldn't have sex with her, was
already mated to another.