The Trigon Rituals Series

Somtimes two heros are better than one...This fun, sexy read is very hot...lots of
humor and excitement..
-Reviewer: Page Trayno
r Romantic Times Magazine

...make sure you have a nice glass of your choice cold beverage at hand. This isn't
just carnal, it's hotter than Hades. The menage scenes truly are beautiful...and
shows how a menage is possible when there is a powerful love linking all
three...readers will love its enduring characters and playful antics
-Reviewer: DS Shadows
Romance Reviews Today

Angelia Whiting writes a superbly sensual science fiction romance novel. The
adventures are exciting and the love scenes are hot. What more could a reader ask
for? Nothing
-Reviewer: Lisa
Romance Review Spot

You will fall in love with both Tren and Rjant...This is a fun fantastic read...
-Reviewer: Trang
eCataromance Reviews

This is a very hot and sensual story interspersed with tender moments.
-Reviewer: Kay Enchanted in Romance

...a page-turner from start to finish...a rich fantasy full of other worldly
landscapes that are easily believable...this is a definite keeper
-Reviewer: Katherine L. Hunt
Coffee Time Romance

This is an excellent sci-fi that blends engaging erotic scenes with otherworldly
adventures. The Trigon Rituals is in the keeper fil
-Reviewer: Patrice
The Romance Studio
No Holes Barred: The Awakening intriguing tale carefully weaved...full of passion, excitement and
Wateena:Coffee Time Romance woman's journey to finding everything that's been missing in her emotional story with a bit of humor interjected...not to mention a
hero to die for...
Sinclair Reid:Romance Reviews Today

...the sex is feel the pull of the characters...a wonderful,
thoughtful, erotic romance...
Julie Wsparza:Just Erotic Romance Reviews

...and enjoyable break from reality.
Keely Skillman:eCataromance
No Holes Barred: Forbidden Desire

...A fascinating tale that reveals two complex characters in
a satisfying read...  
- Lydia: Euro-Reviews

...A powerful story of love and betrayal that will reach out and grab
readers from the first page.,,
4.5 blue ribbons! -Angel:Romance Junkies

...An intriguing, emotionally intense, passionate and romantic Sci-Fi tale.
5 Stars! -Tallyn Porter: Just Erotic Romance Reviews

An erotic experience that readers won't soon forget...a must read!
-Sinclair Reid: Romance Reviews Today
Chained Melodies: An Unfamiliar Scene

...An Unfamiliar Scene is the best kind of love story! I was glued to the pages for
hours into the night desperately wanting to find out the outcome of this book. The
sex is so hot it is a wonder my computer did not provide sizzle and popping sound
effects. The BDSM elements are handled tastefully and realistically. I especially
loved how the authors built the emotional relationship right along with the sexual
one. The characters are easy to relate to and could easily be someone you know in
real life...A spectacular read...
5 cups!
- Regina:
Coffee Time Romances

A marvelous story concerning intense feelings and attractions between two people
thousands of miles apart...I read through the night because I literally could not
put this book down
...5 hearts -Brenda Talley: The Romance Studio