An Excerpt From
The Trigon Rituals
by Angelia Whiting
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They moved with swiftness making ground across the field, holding their weapons with two
hands...one hand...striking and blocking, blade to blade, tip to tip...vertically, horizontally, over head,
sparring like they had something to prove.

And they did.

Like two proud peacocks swank with their plumes, Rjant and Tren were engaged in the
Flaunting, an
ancient Tertian dance, part of the Trigon Rituals, meant to demonstrate their masculine prowess--to
peak the female's interest in them as her mates.

Alea was mewing her own peafowl cries of approval. She was doubly impressed, until that is, they
crossed the field and came dangeroulsy close to her with their blades swinging. She closed her eyes,
frozen in place, and prayed they were as skilled as they looked. She could hear the weapons whirring
and striking, to the left of her head, low near her right hip, in front, over her head.

Oh! Did a blade just pass between her legs?

There was one final clash and all movement stopped. Alea could hear nothing but heavy breathing.
Slowly her eyes fluttered open and she found herself encircled between the elliptical shape created by
the concaves of their weapons. One to the front, and one to the back.

Now what? Alea wondered as she stared at the heaving chest of the dark-haired  one in front of her.

Definitely tasty looking.

The blonde was behind her. She could feel his hot, panting breath on her neck. Maybe she should say
something, like
thank you and please take me to bed.

Celibate, pinhead.

Stuff a sock in it. I'm still only looking.

Alea lifted her hand and ran her fingers along the curved weapon held level to her chest. The surface
was warm, and it appeared to be made of some kind of smoky, gray metal. She examined it from end
to end looking at the razor sharp blade where it lay athwart over the blade on the other weapon. She
ran her hand along the curvature and down to the end with the glowing green tip. Alea touched it.

And got zapped!

"Ouch!" Alea reflexively yanked her hand away and cradled it against her chest. The blonde behind
her chuckled, a rich, deep sound that caused Alea's breath to catch in her throat and to forget her
hurting fingers.

"Uh..." Alea started awkwardly. "Nice rods, fellas."


She did not really just say that did she? Could she have said anything more stupid? Alea blushed
profusely hoping they missed her double innuendo.

The dark one in front of her smirked, his eyes sparkled and his pupils dilated, letting her know that
he heard her loud and clear. It was then that Alea noticed his eyes. They were such a beautiful
turquoise color that Alea had to lean in for a closer look.
Wow! The irises were rimmed with gold. She
stared at them for several seconds before swinging around to look at the man behind her. His eyes
were a stunning aqua shade, also rimmed in gold. Alea blinked and brought her fingertips to her lips.

"Your eyes..." she gasped with astonishment.

No one on Earth had eyes like that. They had to be contact lenses.

"Tertian eyes, Tina." The dark-haired one leaned in and whispered in her ear. His silky voice slid
along her senses. His accent was exotic and sexy.

Foreign exchange students from...where? Alea never heard of the place.

And who was this Tina?

Whoever she was, Tina was definitely a lucky, lucky girl. Alea made a mental note to find this Tina
person and become her best friend at once. At least it explained why these guys were on the track.
They thought she was someone else.

Alea would have to tell them...eventually.

"Rjant ot Pel'r."The blonde one sheathed his weapon, formed the delta and nodded.

"Nice to meet you." Alea held out her hand, assuming he was giving her his name, and not some
foreign phrase. He cupped her hand between both of his own and took a step closer.

"Tren ot Dmor, Tina. I'm very pleased to be in your presence," the dark one said as he slid his hands
along her hips and then down the front of her thighs. The one called Rjant released her hand,
smoothed his palms against her shoulders and began grazing her body with his eyes. Before Alea
could consider their actions, Rjant leaned his head toward her and brushed his lips against her
mouth. He then pulled back and lifted his hands to cradle her head, his thumbs caressing her cheeks,
while the one called Tren nuzzled his face against her neck from behind.

Somewhere from deep inside her brain's pleasure center, Alea heard the mating cry of
hubba hubba.

Times two.

Her heartbeat also chimed in with a heavy pounding of thumpity, thump, thump, thump...thump.

Times one hundred...and two.

She inhaled deeply in an attempt to calm herself, and was assaulted with the blending scent of virile
masculinity and sensuous heat that radiated from their flesh. An olfactory explosion erupted in her
brain sending a riptide of tremors dancing along her spine. It was intoxicating. She could become
addicted to that scent. She could become addicted to

"Interesting fragrance guys. What's it called?" It was the same fragrance that teased her all morning.
They must have been visiting the dorm last night and the smell of their cologne lingered.

Rjant leaned forward again and pressed his lips to her ear. "Pheromones."

Alea gulped. She knew what those were. Probably had a few herself.

"Come with us, Tina," Tren said.

It didn't sound like a request. It sounded more like a summoning.

I'd love to. Alea was silently amused by the hidden meaning, but her amusement was quickly
replaced with concern. She was losing herself--losing control. Alea wasn't just looking anymore. She
was feeling...feeling...

...feeling like she'd better get out of there and fast!

This was getting way too weird. Who were these guys?

She's getting edgy. Rjant sent the thought to Tren.

Yes, I know.

Despite the fact that Alea's hormones were beating her mindless, a wave of uneasiness spread
through her. Had she lost her marbles? These guys might be crazy, or part of a cult, or something.
What if they wanted to hurt her? Alea knew she had to get away from them, but she was trapped
between their bodies--sandwiched.

Stay calm, Alea. Keep talking and then run, she told herself.

"It was, uh nice meeting you guys, but my name isn't Tina and I really have to go."

She's going to bolt. Rjant transmitted with unspoken words.

She won't get away. Keep her talking, Tren answered mentally.

"Did you enjoy the Flaunting, Tina?" Rjant asked her.

Flaunting? That was a good name for it. At least they admitted to showing off.

"Uh, yes. It was...interesting." Alea forced her feet to move and she stepped out sideways and away
from them. They watched her closely.

Get ready brethren, Tren said silently.

"Alea said, watching them just as closely in return. She began backing away. "Why do you call it the
flaunting?"  Did she really want to know? They separated and started circling her. This wasn't good.
Alea felt like trapped prey, ready to be pounced on.

"It is meant to entice our mate."

"Really?" She tried to appear composed. "And who is it exactly, you intend to mate with?"...