Deep within the CalyTron Galaxy in the sector known as the Third Ward, more than
fifteen hundred phases back, the ancient planet of Tertia was just beginning to travel
amongst the stars. Led by a team of mostly females, they were the first of their kind that
would soar to skies afar.

Their first stop was a nearby planet. Uninhabited and vastly rich with resources and
wildlife, it was dubbed the sister planet to Tertia and became known as Tertia Minor. By
the end of the epoch many Tertani had transmigrated and the planet flourished.

Technology on both planets abounded, and it wasn't long before the Tertani advanced
beyond the forefront of space exploration, developing the capability to navigate the
galaxy beyond their homeland territories.

New worlds were discovered, some deserted, some primitive, and some possessing
knowledge that was exceedingly more advanced than the Tertani could have ever

And within the axis of these progressive societies, they found a highly organized,
intergalactic system. Under the control of a regulatory commission, known as the
Galactic Allegiance it was the means by which the societies within the CalyTron Galaxy
kept law and order.

Consisting of representatives from each of the planets, the Tertani were eager and
pleased to join their folds.

It was an exciting time in Tertian history, for their advancement in space exploration was
about to explode. Tertia and Tertia Minor were keeping company with the greatest
explorers and the most advanced societies that they had ever known.

Tertani females in particular, clamored to be part of these first expeditions. Restless by
nature and with an innate sense of adventure, they became almost feverish about
participating in space voyages. In addition to that and much to their pleasure, the
vastness of the universe provided a greater distance to which they could run when the
whim struck them.

Far be it for the Tertani males to interfere with this need, for not one would argue with the
females' penchant for fleeing.

Particularly when it came to sex and breeding.

As an undomesticated culture long ago, the Tertani women once traveled in aggregates
away from the men, roaming freely on the Tertian terrains. In order to marry and mate,
the men had to stalk them down. Of course, it wasn't uncommon for a female to become
overwhelmed by two, ferocious warriors intent on ravaging her body. Thus came the
reaction to escape. It was instinctive, an intrinsic part of their natures, carried through the
generations from the dawnings of old.

As a spiritual element of the Trigon Rituals, this stalking by the brethren males was
called the Triconjugal Hunt. But it was more a celebration than it was a frustration. In fact,
once the summoning of two males to the Trigon and the subsequent translinking, or
blending of their minds had begun, they much enjoyed the chase. Just as it was in their
ancient history, the same still held for the Tertani men of the modern age.

The faster and harder their female ran, greater was the impulse and the pleasure to
pursue her. And the longer a time it took to capture and claim their Tina--the Tertian word
for virgin, female mate--the more aggressive and persistent and sexually aroused the
Trigon males would become, urging them on a relentless quest for her.

And dare no man or beast or spirit get in their way.

By the time the Tertani people were fully integrated within the advanced societies of
CalyTron, more than seventy percent of their unmated women had become nomadic,
visiting planet after planet in the galaxy. Though some sought higher education and held
careers, they weren't known to remain in one place very often. It was much the same for
many of the adventurous males as well, though fewer took up residence in alien cultures
than did the females, leaving a higher proportion of Tertani men living on the home
planets than woman.

All was well within the CalyTron Galaxy. Cultures intermingled. Some integrated,
blending one society with the next. Commerce, trade and tourism abounded, and the
galaxy prospered. There was an ongoing acceptance and peace between the alien
nations. It continued for many epochs, with the Tertani people amongst them, though
they were never known to marry with any other than their own kind, for it was by sacred
blessing of the Mahatma Divinities that the Trigon brethren found their mate.

And she was always a Tertani female.

Until catastrophe struck.

Known as Brits Scorn, there was no cure. It came in the form of a highly contagious,
sexually transmitted disease, and since sex was considered a recreational activity by
many in the CalyTron Galaxy, it spread quite easily. But because it took epochs to thread
its way through the galaxy the impending devastation that Brits Scorn could cause was
not immediately recognized.

It affected females and males differently. Where infected males typically lived to their
life's full expectancy, the disease slowly ate away at their brains, making them violently
aggressive, but no less intelligent. Females on the other hand, didn't become aggressive,
but they usually died within three to five phases, or years, the cause of death due to
heart failure following a relentless attack of seizures. Other females, those who didn't
contract the disease still became carriers and could infect the males they had sex with.
Babies born might also be infected. They typically died before reaching their first phase
of life. Some were born as carriers, while other babes were completely free of the
disease. Unfortunately, the females were sterile. For some unknown reason however,
the males were not.

The disease first ran rampant on the planet Krell. It began as a curse cast by the faerie,
Windi Britny some epochs back, after she was violated by a Krellian prince. The disease
slowly snatched every individual residing there. Realizing the future of their race was
doomed, Krellians, in their madness from being tainted, began a reign of war, organizing
a massive invasion of as many planets as they could conquer. Males were slaughtered,
females, mated or unmated were seized, repeatedly passed around and brutally raped as
the Krellians sought to breed.

Though the Galactic Allegiance deployed military regiments and managed to set up
perimeters that held the Krellians at bay, Brits Scorn had become epidemic and crept its
way to many planets in the galaxy. As a result, a high percentage of men driven to
insanity by Brits Scorn, were unable to think rationally about their actions. Many joined
and fought on the side of the Krellians, and the Krellian forces grew in numbers.
Collectively they were known as the Radicals and became the enemy of the Galactic

The ISDS--Intergalactic System for Disease and Sickness Control began to move quickly.
Quarantines and galaxy-wide medical screenings were called for and infected individuals
were banished to Puratan, a system of colonies set up by the ISDS. There, they lived out
the remainder of their days. But despite the massive effort to eradicate the disease, it
was already too late. Of the fifty-two planets, thirty already harbored many individuals
who were contaminated and it was impossible to find and isolated them all.

As Brits Scorn began spreading throughout the galaxy, infected women began to die. The
balance between males and females became exceedingly unequal and the availability of
fertile, untainted females became a dire need.

The Tertani were no exception.

With the majority of their women living away from the homelands, they too were
succumbing to Brits Scorn, though it was mainly by rape since Tertani women typically
remained virgins until the time came to mate. Regrettably, it was their virginity and
guarantee of being untainted that made them prime targets.

Many Tertani men called to the Trigon found that their Tinas were raped, infected, and
dying or already dead, the latter being particularly cruel when they came to claim their
woman and found nothing but a lifeless body decaying on the ground. The anguish was
beyond comprehension and many Trigon males took their own lives, further diminishing
the numbers within the Tertani society.

The Mahatma Tribunal finally intervened.

As spiritual leaders of the culture they beseeched the Mahatma Divinities for mercy.

Their pleas were heard.

Tinas from outside of Tertani society were revealed to the Trigon males, women they
were capable of mating with, of siring children with.

Women they were capable of loving.

And so, the brethren sought these women finding them on a number of planets
throughout the universe.

One of these planets was a place called
The Trigon Rituals
Integration of the Tertian Society with the
CalyTron Galaxy
Angelia Whiting