Chained Melodies: An
Unfamiliar Scene

A light BDSM,
contemporary, erotic romance
Closing her eyes Gabby shook off the eight year old pain that threatened to surface pushing it back to
that place called numbness. She brought up her files and worked on edits for the next several hours.
Every few minutes or so, her eyes checked the clock as she waited for four o'clock to arrive. Thoughts
of Erik refused to stray from her mind for more than a few minutes at a time. It was almost an
obsession and that concerned Gabby. Was it just because he was arousing her like no man ever had.
"Or do I genuinely care about you Erik?"

The concern disintegrated instantly when her inbox chimed. It was four o'clock or as Erik would say,
sixteen hundred. His shift was beginning. Gabby's heart raced with anticipation, hoping like crazy the
email was from him.

It was.

Gabby's libido tore into a frenzy, and her crotch was wildly throbbing. She pinched at her nipples.
They were poking through her bra craving to be sucked on.


"I need to get a grip here." It seemed so irrational to Gabby that she could be so turned on. But
somehow, Erik was truly affecting her that way and via computer no less. What would it be like to
have the real thing?

I'm so glad that you wrote to me, my angel. It was nice opening the mail from you to see that you've
included a long letter. Now give me a few minutes to read and respond to it, okay? Why don't you
look for more pictures of you in the mean time?

Gabby glanced at her camera where it sat, connected to the tripod. "I suppose I could take some new
pictures for you, Erik." After sending an okay to Erik in return, letting him know she was there,
Gabby rose from the chair and went to her room. She brushed her hair and dug for her make-up,
thinking about how old it must be and unable to remember the last time she wore any. She thought
about that for a moment. "Ariel's kindergarten graduation, that's when."

Almost four years ago.

Gabby checked her make-up and then went into her studio to set-up for a self-portrait. The large
LCD screen that was plugged into her camera would allow Gabby to view what she'd look like front of
the lens. After snapping several close-ups, Gabby chose two of them and went to her computer.
There was an email from Erik waiting for her. She sent her pictures in an attachment first and then
opened his letter.

You really are a beautiful woman, Gabby, with a big heart, enough to hold a lot of love inside of you.
You really excite me. It's almost like being in high school all over again and falling in love for the first
time. I agree with what you said in your letter. This is unlike anything I've ever felt before. This is real
and it's heart throbbing pain not to be able to talk to you every moment of the day or touch you or
kiss you. All I can say is thank you for giving me a chance to be a part of you're life. I will never hurt
that trust or do anything to ruin our friendship. I love you too much for that.

"You love me, soldier?" Gabby gulped back a lump that formed in her throat as she flattened her
palm against her breast bone. The sensation inside of her felt like a warm caress. And she was still
having trouble breathing! "Cripe, is this love or infatuation?"

Or maybe just lust being confused for love.

Gabby sent a reply.
I think you're playing with me, Erik. This is probably just a game and you have
all of your buddies around the computer taking bets on how long it would be before we started
having cybersex.

Erik responded almost immediately. I assure you my angel, I am not playing with you. And there's
no one reading all of this but me. I know there's some real jerks out there who would do such a thing,
but not me. I'm just not that kind of guy, plain and simple. You do trust me on that don't you,

That was something to ponder. As bizarre as it might seem, Gabby did trust him, so she wrote back
and told him so.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me, Gabby. And I will never betray that trust. Erik wrote back.
The words that followed caused Gabby to laugh, because she could nearly feel the sense of
amusement, almost see the grin he had on his face when he wrote it.

By the way, I didn't mean to put you in that condition. You know, my telling you about me sexually.
Honestly, I'm glad the description thing made you smile. I actually got a little wet myself when I said
it. What type of wicked things did you think about when I told you? I'll bet you did more than just
smile didn't you?

Gabby's fingers moved along the keyboard, typing exactly what she'd done last evening. It seemed so
natural to tell him such a thing and very odd too because she never admitted to anyone that she'd
ever masturbated. Not even her best girl friends.


"Oh my god!" Panic set in when Gabby realized what she'd just done.

She'd given him every single detail as to how she pleasured herself, even the twice part! The high
level of comfort Gabby felt with Erik ws astounding. At the same time is was also alarming. Yet
despite that, the dull throb in her g-spot area that had been tormenting her all day suddenly, achingly
swelled. Every sexual part of her anatomy tightened and pulsed in dire need for satiation.

From Erik Coledane!

Gabby bit her lip, worry creasing her brow. "I think I just started haveing cybersex."

Her stomach tipped going topsy-turvy as her chest squeezed almost painfully with her respirations.
How would Erik respond? And what would he think of her now?

              * * *

"Jesus!" Erik nearly catapulted from his chair. His dick was so hard and strainging so torturously
against the seam of his trousers the alarms warning of incoming should be screeching.

He was about to blow.

Three emails from Gabby popped into his inbox. One contained two photos of her, both close-ups of
her face. Her shiny, brown hair was a sexy layered mass framing her pretty face, ending
approximately at her shoulders--no bangs. Her lips looked luscious and soft and tenderly pink,
making Erik's mouth water to taste them. And now, finally he had a better look at her eyes.

Shifting in his chair, Erik attempted to readjust his position. His bulging cock and swelling balls were
making it impossible to sit comfortably. The second email she'd sent caused Erik to nearly shoot his
load. It was a response to his humorously intended suggestion about what else she might've done
after telling her how he used his tool. He was curious as to what she said, but he didn't read it right
away because another email immediately followed.
Read this first! was in the subject line. So, Erik
did as she asked.

Erik I told you something. I did something. In that last email I sent know that line I told
you I'd been walking? That precarious line?

I just stepped over it.

His heart pounded with reckless excitement, and he couldn't open the other email quickly enough.

"Jesus!" he said again. A carnal fire tore through him.

She'd played with herself, used a vibrator, masturbated. All while thinking about him!


Erik's hips jerked. She wanted him, and he wanted her.


If Erik didn't stuff himself into her soon, he was going to go out of his ever-loving mind. That was it.
Decision made.There wouldn't be another tour of duty. Erik was going home to claim his angel. "You
are going to be mine, Gabby."

He then typed his reply to her.
Do you have any idea of what I want to do to you?